Interactive Designer Help Page


Please scroll down to review the many tools available to you in our Interactive Designer!

  1. Add Image - Accepted formats are JPEG, AI, PDF, TIFF, and PNG. Please note that your images will need to be scaled to your liking.
  2. Add Text - When adding text you will be able to edit color, size, alignment etc.
  3. Delete - With any field selected in your template, clicking this icon will delete it.
  4. Undo - By clicking this icon, you will undo the last change made to the template.
  5. Redo - By clicking this icon, the last undone action will be redone.
  6. Copy - This icon allows you to copy any field in your template once selected.
  7. Paste - This icon allows you to paste any previously copied fields from your template.
  8. Align - By clicking on this icon multiple alignment options will be made available. Please note that multiple fields will sometimes need to be selected for these options to work.
  9. Zoom - Zoom in on your template
  10. View - Several options for viewing your current template are available here.
  11. Finished Editing - When all uploads or edits have been made, clicking this icon will progress your order
  12. Save - Clicking the save icon will save your current template and allow you to revisit it at a later time.
  13. Cancel Editing - This icon will cancel all current changes and exit from the template.
  14. Replace Image - This icon will enable you to replace any currently selected image in your template.
  15. Rotate - Clicking these icons will rotate your image 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise.
  16. Opacity - This value will edit your selected images transparency. 0=invisible, 100 = completely visible
  17. Arrange - These icons will enable you to move your selected fields behind or in front of other fields/images within your template. Please note that you can move your selected field back or forward one space at a time or all the way to the front or back.
  18. Current Image - This are displays your currently selected field. 
  19. Pages - Please note if your template has multiple pages available for editing. Two sided documents will need edits applied to both sides/pages.
  20. Assets - This area will enable you to upload your own assets or use one of our premade assets for use in your template. We will be adding more free assets in the near future. 
  21. Asset Categories - By clicking this area multiple categories are able to be viewed and selected for themed assets you may want to use in your template.